Hannah Gorder

Movement artist

Aerial - dance - Contortion

available for hire


Jill Marissa

director, producer, co-founder of ticktock, the aerialistas, dizzy daze:

"Hannah Gorder lights up the stage with her magnetic blend of lithe contortion sequences and luscious, edgy aerial work. Exuding sultry confidence steeped in a bohemian vibe, audiences are powerless under her carefully crafted spell.  She is an invaluable part of the creative process, contributing her playful attitude, fearless sense of adventure and passion for her art." 

Jenn Bruyer

aerialist, choreographer, coach:

"Hannah Gorder is a truly gifted mover. Every time she takes the stage the audience is transfixed. She exudes a particular brand of authenticity that is hard to put into mere words. Beautiful. Lucious. Mesmerizing." 

Nancy Neyhart

aerial coach since 2007:

"Hannah gives herself completely to the audience. Her languid movements are effortless and smooth as she brings her stories and costumes to life.  Hannah is a joy to young and old alike as she defies skeleton, muscle, and sinew in suspension of belief, begging, "Did I just see that?" -